Mac OSX Modules

Most Usfos "engine" modules are available on Mac OSX 64 bit. Since the graphical user interface (xact) is currently not available on MacOSX, presentation has to be done using either the Linux or the Windows versions. All output from Usfos are machine independent (binary compatible).

For those who are special interested in computers, it should be noted that running Windows on "Virtual Machine" created in MacOSX using Parallels Desktop could be an alternative. For more information, please contact

The modules are compressed using gzip, and have the extension .gz. Use gunzip or similar tools to decompress the files after download. All executable should be copied into the application folder, (for example "$HOME/usfos/bin" . Rename the existing modules before copying (do not over write if you want backup).

Files are downloaded as follows:

No "Installation" is prepared. It is assumed that the users of MacOSX (Unix) and Linux are able to create the necessary Environmental Variables (USFOS_HOME, etc.) based on the simple description in this document.

First of all, download some resource files (license files, etc.) required by some of the modules below and copy the contents into your $USFOS_HOME/etc directory. The compressed archive file usfos_etc.tgz contains all necessary files, (decompress using for example tar xvfz usfos_etc.tgz).


The modules: Usfos has a separate list of updates. For the other modules, see the general list of updates.


Usfos: "Version 8-9, 2019_11_01 . Usfos Updates

Usfos_gF: "Version 8-9, 2019_11_01, gFortran. Requires libgfortran.3


Usfos85: "Version 8-5, 2010_01_01"

Usfos86: "Version 8-6, 2012_06_08"

Usfos87: "Version 8-7, 2014_05_01"

Usfos88: "Version 8-8, 2015_11_01"


Hyber Engine: "Version 230, 2006_12_31".

UTILITY TOOLS: (See List of updates)

CodChk: "Code Checking (API) of Usfos results."

CFD2Us: "Pressure to Usfos loads. Version 1.3, 2008_03_25 "

ClearChk: "Computes Clearance between Risers."

D2P: "Converts Nodal Displacements to Prescribed or Forced Displacement input. Version 0.9, Dec 2013"

DynMax: "Finds maxima of Usfos Dyn results. Version 1.4, 2011_02_08"

DynRes: "Extracts TS from Usfos Dyn files. Version 1.7, 2011_05_26"

Eigpri: "Print of EigenModes."

F3DRed: "FlexCom3D to Hyber and Shear7"

Fact: "Extracts some element and Nodal Resuls from Usfos RAF file. Version 1.4 2019."

Fahts: "Version 6-7, 2019_11_01".

Fatal: "Version 1.8, 2010_11_27".

FatOne: "Fatigue Damage of one Stress Time Series."

FatTwo: "Fatigue Damage of Stress Cycle Histogram"

JntRes: "Joint Result Print, Version 0.9-5 2013_08_05"

Lopez: "Stress Envelopes, Utilization Envelopes, Version 1.5 2007_08_28"

mkxl: "Repair Plot files (removes text). Prepares for import to excel."

Mon2stru: " Mapping Weight data to a structural model."

p2sif: "Export of Usfos Results to SIF"

Peakload: "Finds Peak Load Factor of an Usfos Analysis"

PileRes: "Reaction Force Print, Total- and Pile Reactions. Version 0.9-2 2015_08_06"

Plotkin: "Prints wave kinematics. Version 1.3-01, 2008_08_26."

Post: "Computes Strain and prints a sorted list.. Version 1.3, 2008_09_09 "

Postfos: " Text based Usfos result post-processor. Version 8-9, 2019_11_01"

Rainy: "Rainflow counting of a general Time Series"

RAO2TS: "RAO to Usfos Time Series. Version 1.0, Jan-2012."

Repp: "Repairs FEM files generated by Patran pre. Ensures space between the numbers.

SacRed: "SACS to Usfos converter, Version 331, 2017_11_21"

SesNam: "Creates Usfos Labels of Sesam Joint and Member names", Version 1.0, 2008_10_16

Soil: "GENSOD to Usfos converter, Version 1.2, 2007_11_21"

StadRed: "STAAD to Usfos converter. Version 214, 2017_11_22"

Strain: "Presenting Strain Results from Usfos 8-6, Version 1.0, 2012_07_10"

StruMan: "Version 500 2019_11_01".

SumDam: "Weight and accumulate damage, Version 1.2, 2008_01_31"

TSmax: "Finds maxima of Time Series"

Waj2Us: "Converts WAJAC input to Usfos, Version 0.9 2007_09_13"